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#17a, b & c - Greetings from Nazare


Mailart, originally uploaded by L-plate big cheese.
Usually my mailart revolves around questioning everything, but sometimes one just needs a little break to do something silly.

So here are 3 postcards I'm sending to friends from my holiday. It actually took me roughly 1/3 of the time to make each of these than it does to make a "question everything" postcard (it takes a while to do the thinking, research and concisely write the text for QE) so I count them as #17 collectively.

Wonder what my friends will think of their grocery delivery.

The back of the above postcard:

Postcard 17b

Postcard 17c


i remember when i used to have "limpies" pants in middle school that were not too different from these!

I have to comment this piece, becouse its a nice place from my country Portugal, this postcards must be very old...

Nazare is absolutely wonderful, always a surprise around every corner here. I have been going to the same shop to buy these old postcards on many occasions... they never seem to run out and the price is different every time I go in there, depending on how the shopkeeper is feeling :)

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