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#74 - K is for Kisses

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Maxim's Cupcake Crusade was costing him a bit too much money, so he decided to give Kisses a try. It surprised him that people crossed to the other side of the street when they saw him coming. 

The image I started with is an actual postcard. It is from a 1980s Dover Publication book of postcards titled William Rowe's Surreal Postcards. Some of the postcards from this book are waiting for "adoption" in my Orphaned Postcard Project, however this one was just a wee bit too surreal. The man was originally holding a heart, and the title on the back is "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." Freaky. Freaky. Freaky.

i like his tie, and how the "kisses" wrapper really
binds the whole picture together.

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