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#43 Update : Back side of card to the Editor


Wondering who to send this to, I decided it made most sense to send this to the editor of the Evening standard. No point us talking about how depressing the news is and not taking affirmative action I say!

I found the address in print on the letters page and was just about to write it out, when I thought "Chuh! Where's the fun in that?!"

Cue digging out the Evening standard and creating a "Ransom Note"

I've added my REAL name and phone number on the off chance they might want to publish it, but I suspect that I'm more likely to get a visit from the police.

I'll keep you posted...

++++++++++++++++++++++++UPDATE - 7th February 2011 - Response from the editor!+++++++++++++++

Response from Evening Standard

Today I came home to find a surprise reply from the editor!

In case you can't read it, it says

"Thank you for your collage letter. Very Striking! We will endeavour to be more cheery. [signed by the editor]"

Glad to see that I may have made a difference!


Ha! This is brilliant :))

Maybe the Evening Standard just gets a kick out of making London commuters even more grumpy than they usually are on their way home.

I had to add a few smiles on there, just to remind the editor what those looked like exactly. ;-)

Hilarious! I love it. Andy, you are so perfect for heading this project! And we all need to endeavor to be more cheery! love it.

Thanks Mim - I've got to pick up a copy of the Standard tomorrow to do a headline count. I may send them a follow-up if they haven't kept to their word!

Oh I love this. Can we designate a "Letter to the Editor Day"? I would suggest April 1.

Now, Andy, can you just write to Israel and Palestine and get them to have a little chat.?

Andy, what a force of goodwill you are in the world!! I love that you got an answer!!

Ya know Box652 that's not such a bad idea. I wonder if there are addresses for these sorts of people. I think "write to your editor" day or "post for good" or something similar would be awesome. It would be quite an education

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