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8/365 - Aquatic life

Aquatic life, originally uploaded by Elenatgeezer.

Since everyone was into fish the other day I decided to quill some as well.
I decided to make an aquarium scene as me and Andy have an aquarium at home. Is just a small one though only with fish, no octopus or see horses :-(
This is going to one of my favourite mailartist in this group.

P.S. Unfortunately our camera broke few days ago and I had to take photos with an old one witch is very difficult to handle so the photo is not great. This actually looks much better in reality that in the photo.


I really love this piece. So cool to see it being made. I am a very lucky man

Photo looks great Elena. This is very nice and so playful. I love the octopus!

The photo isn't that bad. Thing about Quilling is that we have to photograph it and not scan it as it's 3 dimensional.

I'll buy a new lens soon

Thanks PostMuse.
My favourite is Lady Sea Horse (they all have names, check it on flickr).
I was late for work this morning (shh don't tell my boss) trying to take a
reasonable photo. The old lenses( the newer ones are broken) on Andy's
camera are so hard to use and I spent ages to get a decent shot. I'm not
very happy with the photo as, like I said, it looks better in real world but
I wanted to post it up today and I had to run to work to save my job.

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