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2 december 2010

A brief bit of yellow on blue made from the scraps of yesterday's effort, after a long LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! 2/365 sent to a postcrosser in Ukraine.

Woah you break up from school early - you're not already on holiday are you JJ? That's a nice colour combination. Is it on an envelope?

Yes,yes and no. I'm attending an adult college sort of thing. In the States they would be Junior or community college, I don't what they are in the UK but I'm sure you've got them. I'm studying to be an arborist aka tree doctor and my last class was yesterday. Not to return for year 2 until the end of January. Ah, January summer holiday, here I come! I also really liked the color combination, so much that I'm making another one. The blue is some weird plasticish paper stuff I found at a junk shop. I got enough for about 6-8 postcards so you'll be seeing more of it. Perhaps in your mailbox ;)

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