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Something about me, before we launch.

A few of the members of this group have "known" me for awhile via IUOMA, but some of you have never met me. Plus, I told Andy that I'd tell him something about my background at some point. As I've mentioned, I've been making Mail Art for a number of years, leading workshops on making Mail Art, introducing my University students to M.A. and presenting talks about Mail Art.  I taught in the Art Foundation program of a major university for many years as an adjunct, first for 11 years, then for another 7 years. The break was to get another degree and work in another field where I could make more money (the kids were getting older, college costs loomed ahead of us.) When I returned to teaching, I didn't want to go back to being a painter, no more pigment for me, no more big abstract expressionist paintings, nope! Done, over that! My studio is small now, so small work is perfect for me, and what better small work than Mail Art. What did I teach at University? I taught basic 2 and 3 d design, color theory, drawing, and general creative studio classes. Over time, I developed a color course that included Albers Interaction of Color, and some history of dyes and pigments. I call this course Color Journey and teach it at our fine arts museum studio school. I love teaching adult students. I don't need to do grading, which I hated, and I get to share what I know with people eager to learn. No kidding, this is good! On a personal note, my husband is an artist. He taught for many years at university in graphic design and illustration. Now he's retired and makes art full-time. This Friday, he has an exhibit opening of his new works with clay. Our daughter trained as a fine art photographer but works in video now (though her day job is as a digital media stategist.) Her most recent documentary is on the Mermaids of New York. Our son is a graphic designer. He's also the skull-a-day guy, which some of you may know. What else, hmmm, well, I read a lot, always have, I knit, I have an Etsy shop, I put my photos on Flickr, I have a blogger blog and a wordpress blog (recipes) and I love writing letters. I'm a member of the Richmond Peace Education Center, I'm a volunteer with Books For Soldiers.
Okay, more information than you ever wanted! Let the Mail Art roll!

I am super excited to see what you come up with...
I will be on your mailing list anyday Mim

Me, too, I'm excited to see what I'll come up with! Oh the pressure!

Thanks for filling me/us in on the details Mim. That's a highly artistic family you have there!

I am intrigued why someone would choose collage over painting. I guess that art at school for me was always about painting and drawing, so in my head I have painting up on a pedestal. Collage was never really mentioned and, since taking up mailart, I have really developed a fondness for collage.

I'm really glad that mailartists don't look down their nose at any art form really. It's so refreshing to hear someone like you peak of the value of other art forms for expression, beyond the "traditional"

I love the fact that you and Postmuse, 2 of the mainstays of my REAL wall are in this project.

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