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Camel O'Rama

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Yes it is true....
this is not a skull per se...
But it does have lots of skulls in it!!!

#3 is going to a swap-bot person who has a house full of macabre stuff all over...
Since she is into the style & such...I know that she will truly appreciate this postcard...

Look close as you may be surprised at what you find in this "Where's Waldo" style death card.

There is a peekaboo surprise on the back of this card - so I will not be posting it here..(self censored)


Also, my work is going to become very dark for a bit - so if you are not into dark & nasty, let me know.

I also have a series that I am planning that will be tastefully racey...
I will certainly need to know if you don't want those.

Wow, Camel, this is good! Okay, okay, so I'm the skullmeister's mom, so I'm drawn to skulls.

Love it. Is the border a template you can use again and again?

the border was in an advert for a tarot card set in Rue Morgue magazine...
1 of a kind...

I have to be honest -- I'm not a really big 'skull' person per se, but I really do like this composition. It's very HD! But then I do live in Sturgis, Ky., home of the Little Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and I see a lot of HD every July. About 20,000 bikers in my little town of 2,000. Love it!

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