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#4L-plate Question it even more when you're not supposed to


The Big B, originally uploaded by L-plate big cheese.
This morning I got a surprise - my mum sent me a great piece of mailart from Portugal after I told her about this project.

So this postcard is going to Mama L-plate :)

I've been inspired by Andy's weaved postcard from yesterday and decided to turn Leonid Brezhnev (who was the communist party secretary during the time my mum was a child and teenager living in the USSR) into e piece of art, diffused by a photo of red poppies in a field.

Brezhnev didn't like people to question anything. Kids' classes in school comprised of the usual subjects with additions of communist theory, the teachings of Lenin and examples in textbooks of how great things were. In the summer, kids were sent away to "pioneer" camps where they were further educated (or brainwashed or spoon-fed depending on your views) about the system.

Brezhnev was quite right to fear questions though. Later, Gorbachev shook the old system up, encouraged honesty and questioning... and BOOM, down it fell. Of course its not the only reason... but this again is another tale which to me symbolises the power of the humble question.

Here's what the original photos looked like.


Good job on this combi. Not easy to do.

cheers Mim, it's pretty fiddly stuff but the results are usually worth waiting for :)

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